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Why become a Revival Homes Partner?

In a property market that's in transition, stand out and win more clients by helping them create their dream home with Revival Homes.

Our experts help homeowners to secure financing and high-quality contractors for an ADU project. This unlocks new opportunities for homeowners, including recent buyers who haven't yet built up home equity. Connect your clients today to our unique service and let us help you close those deals successfully!

For New & Recent Buyers

Homebuyers want to make the most of their purchase, but often must wait years before investing in home improvements. By offering your clients access to Revival Homes' flexible financing and reliable contractors, you can help them start their ADU project right away.

For Investment Properties

Expansion-minded investors can turbocharge their portfolio with Revival Homes ADUs. Serving as a trusted partner, you can help them leverage California law to add up to two additional units — growing both rental income and property value for an unparalleled return on investment.

Early Access to ADU Loan Product

We're offering Revival Homes clients a low-cost, flexible ADU loan that’s based on a property’s post-project value. This allows your recent buyers to finance their dream ADU today.
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