Who we are

Everyone deserves a comfortable, affordable place to call home.  
But in today’s market, it’s never been harder to find housing that fits your budget.  Too many people are struggling to buy a first home, accommodate a growing family, or rent a quality home near work and family.

That’s why we’re building Revival Homes, a lending platform and contractor marketplace that helps Californians find affordable financing options and reliable construction options for ADU projects.  Whether you’re interested in a home office, more space for Mom and Dad, or extra rental income, an ADU can meet your family’s needs.

We make building and financing your ADU as easy as ABC, and we’ll be with you at every step of the process.  

Our Team

Meet our CEO

Anthony Dedousis is a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur and housing expert who has spent his career using data to help businesses solve problems.  He’s a longtime housing reform advocate who led policy and research at Abundant Housing LA, a housing nonprofit, and currently serves on the board of YIMBY Action, a nationwide pro-housing advocacy organization.

Anthony is a graduate of Harvard College and the University of Chicago MBA program, and has worked in consumer finance at Capital One and tech marketplaces at ZipRecruiter.  He’s a trivia enthusiast who appeared on an episode of College Jeopardy! (don’t ask him about Final Jeopardy).  He’s passionate about making life in cities and towns across America more affordable, accessible, and vibrant.

Ready to get your ADU started?

Our ADU experts will help you plan your project, find affordable financing options, and match with top contractors. Get in touch with us today!

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